Meeting #:
The meeting will be conducted via a video conference
Members of the public may view the livestream at the following link:
  • Paul Ainslie, Chair
  • Dave Barton, Vice Chair
  • Kevin Ashe
  • Navjit Kaur Brar
  • Jon Burnside
  • Shelley Carroll
  • Mike Colle
  • Stephen Dasko
  • Joanne Dies
  • Paula Fletcher
  • Chris Fonseca
  • Xiao Han
  • Linda Jackson
  • Maria Kelleher
  • Hugo Kroon
  • Joe Li
  • Josh Matlow
  • Amber Morley
  • Basudeb Mukherjee
  • Jamaal Myers
  • Steve Pellegrini
  • Anthony Perruzza
  • Mario Russo
  • Rowena Santos
  • Dianne Saxe
  • Don Sinclair
  • Connie Tang
  • David West

Board of Directors Meeting #3/23 was held via videoconference, on Friday, March 24, 2023. The Chair Paul Ainslie, called the meeting to order at 9:34 a.m. 

The Chair recited the Acknowledgement of Indigenous Territory.

  • RES.#A44/23
    Moved By:Shelley Carroll
    Seconded By:Amber Morley

    THAT the minutes of Board of Directors Meeting #2/23, held on February 17, 2023, be approved.




  • RES.#A45/23
    Moved By:Kevin Ashe
    Seconded By:Dave Barton

    THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS RECOMMENDS THAT WHEREAS TRCA has conveyed over 2,200 hectares of land to Parks Canada (PC) for Rouge National Urban Park (RNUP) since 2014 and has identified additional TRCA-owned and government owned lands with potential to support future expansion to the park as well as local and regional trail connections;

    AND WHEREAS PC has requested to enter into discussions regarding TRCA-owned lands in the municipalities of Uxbridge and Pickering that are suitable for inclusion in a future expansion of the RNUP as well as local and regional trail connections;

    THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED THAT TRCA staff engage in discussions with PC, Regional Municipality of Durham, Township of Uxbridge, and City of Pickering to determine which TRCA lands could be conveyed to PC subject to the following conditions;

    1. consideration is to be the nominal sum of $2.00;
    2. PC is responsible for all legal, survey and other costs related to the land conveyance;
    3. conveyance by TRCA of lands and/or easements for municipal infrastructure to the Region of Durham, Township of Uxbridge and City of Pickering, if requested by the municipality and subject to concurrence by PC;
    4. PC is to fully indemnify TRCA from any and all claims from injuries, damages or costs of any nature resulting in any way, either directly or indirectly, from this conveyance;
    5. any additional reasonable terms and conditions as deemed appropriate by TRCA staff or its solicitor.

    THAT TRCA staff report back to the Board of Directors with recommendations on the specific lands to conveyed once determined;

    AND THAT upon identification of the lands to be disposed of, public consultation and notification to the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry occur in accordance with the requirements of Section 21 of the Conservation Authorities Act, as applicable, including a public consultation period of 45 days and notification to the Minister 90 days in advance of any proposed disposition;

    AND THAT TRCA continue discussion with the Province and Federal Government on government owned lands that could be conveyed to TRCA, PC, or municipal partners in support of TRCA’s Regional Trail Strategy, Natural Heritage Strategy, and other TRCA and municipal partner objectives.

  • RES.#A52/23
    Moved By:Stephen Dasko
    Seconded By:Amber Morley

    THAT the update on MOU’s and TRCA progress report, be received; 

    THAT TRCA’s Board of Directors approve this progress report in fulfillment of the fourth progress report to be submitted to the Province by January 1, 2023, as required by O.Reg. 687/21: Transition Plans and Agreements for Programs and Services under Section 21.1.2 of the Act;

    AND FURTHER THAT the Clerk and Manager, Policy, circulate this report to TRCA’s municipal partners, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), in fulfillment of requirements associated with the development and submission of regular progress reports, and that this report also be circulated to Conservation Ontario, neighbouring conservation authorities, and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH).

  • RES.#A53/23
    Moved By:Mario Russo
    Seconded By:Dave Barton

    IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT the Service Delivery Report for Section 28 Permit Applications, 2022 be received.

  • RES.#A54/23
    Moved By:Shelley Carroll
    Seconded By:David West

    THAT the 2022 Annual Report – Stronger Together, be received.

  • RES.#A55/23
    Moved By:Rowena Santos
    Seconded By:Kevin Ashe

    THAT standard delegated permits, permission for routine infrastructure works, minor works letters of approval, and permits after the fact / resolution of violations granted by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority staff, in accordance with Ontario Regulation 166/06, as amended, which are listed below, be received.

  • RES.#A56/23
    Moved By:Mario Russo
    Seconded By:Shelley Carroll

    THAT the Board of Directors move into closed session, pursuant to Section C.4.2.(d) of the TRCA Board of Directors Administrative By-Law, to discuss Item 12.1 - 2023 Compensation Review, as the subject matter related to labour relations or employee negotiations. 

  • RES.#A57/23
    Moved By:Amber Morley
    Seconded By:Dave Barton

    THAT the Board of Directors rise and report from closed session at 11:13 a.m. 

  • RES.#A58/23
    Moved By:Mario Russo
    Seconded By:David West

    THAT the confidential information provided in the 2023 Compensation Review, be received;

    AND THAT staff be directed to proceed with the recommendations as listed within the confidential report.


Mario Russo mentioned that the next Board of Directors meeting falls on National Day of Mourning and asked if there was a possibility to move the meeting to the afternoon, with some recognition ceremonies taking place in the morning and early afternoon. John MacKenzie, CEO, will look into options with the Clerks Office.

Vice Chair Dave Barton recognized John MacKenzie, CEO and his Team on the work completed thus far on the Uxbridge Park. Together with Minister David Piccini, an announcement is forthcoming. 

ON MOTION from Shelley Carroll, the meeting was adjourned at 11:17 a.m. on March 24, 2023.