Meeting #:
The meeting will be conducted via a video conference
Members of the public may view the livestream at the following link:
  • Michelle Brown, Co-Chair
  • Todd Ernst, Co-Chair
  • Erica Brabon
  • Claudia Dessanti
  • Anthony Fernando
  • Maxx Kochar
  • John MacKenzie
  • Leah Nacua
  • Anthony Perruzza
  • Katelyn Poyntz
  • Carolyn Scotchmer
  • Christine Tu
  • David West
  • Gina Antonacci
  • John Coyne
  • Chris Fonseca
  • Mehreen Khan
  • Alvin Tedjo

Partners in Project Green Meeting #2/24 was held via videoconference, on Tuesday April 23, 2024. The Co-Chair, Todd Ernst, called the meeting to order at 9:36 a.m.

The Co-Chair recited the Acknowledgement of Indigenous Territory.

  • RES.#PPG1/24
    Moved By:Michelle Brown
    Seconded By:John MacKenzie

    THAT the meeting minutes from the January 16,2024 Partners in Project Green Executive Management Committee, be approved. 



  • RES.#PPG2/24
    Moved By:Anthony Fernando
    Seconded By:Leah Nacua

    IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT the presentation on Phytoremediation of salt-affected soils in the Toronto Region, presented by Lyndsay Cartwright, PhD, Senior Research Analyst, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Lauren Nawroth, MES Candidate, Queen’s University, and Barb Zeeb, PhD Professor and Canada Research Chair in Biotechnology and the Environment Royal Military College, be received for information. 

  • RES.#PPG3/24
    Moved By:Leah Nacua
    Seconded By:Christine Tu

    IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT the enclosed update on the Partners in Project Green 2023-2026 Priority Areas and Workplan (Attachment 1), be received for information;

    AND FURTHER THAT the 2023-2026 Workplan be adopted.


Darryl Gray, Director, Education and Training, mentioned that Gina Antonacci will be joining the Partners in Project Green Executive Management Committee in her role as Senior Vice President, Academic at Humber College. 

ON MOTION by Christine Tu, the Partners in Project Green Executive Management Committee meeting was adjourned at 10:31 a.m.